Why East Lansing?

The Commons Church is a new church launching in East Lansing, on September 8, 2019. Over 50 people have moved from other parts of the country to help start this church and hundreds of people from across the country are praying for and financially supporting The Commons.
But Why?

Here are 6 reasons we are starting a church in East Lansing.


70,000 College Students

Between Michigan State University and Lansing Community College, there are over 70,000 college students in our city. One of the things you’ll hear us say a lot is, “Win the campus, win the world.” We unapologetically believe that the most strategic group of people for us to reach if we want to be part of rapidly growing God’s Kingdom is college students.

The State Capitol

Just 3 miles away from Michigan State’s campus is the state capitol building. Not only is East Lansing a hub for future leaders and influencers, it is the hub for current leaders and influencers.

International Reach

14.4% of Michigan State’s student enrollment is International students. MSU has one of the largest populations of International students in the USA.

Spiritual Climate

Though there are multiple gospel-centered churches who have faithfully and fruitfully labored in East Lansing for years, there is still a need for more. It is estimated that only 10% of the Lansing metro area is engaged in a gospel-centered church and only 2% of MSU’s student population.

Middle of the Mitten

East Lansing is located right in the middle of Michigan. Within an hour and a half radius there are 12 other universities of 10,000 or more students. It is our desire to be a catalyst for planting churches in each of those locations.

Lansing's Time is Now!

Exciting things are happening in the cities of Lansing and East Lansing! New development is happening all over the place, new companies are moving to the city, and new people are following suit. There is not a better time to plant a new church in East Lansing than right now!
Our mission is to help people take their next step with Jesus. Join us by giving and serving at The Commons.
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